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K3/CR1/IR Colombia Spousal Visas Bi-Lingual Bogota Colombia Attorney.

K3/CR1/IR1 Colombia spousal visa, bi-lingual Bogota Colombia attorney can arrange your marriage in Colombia and will assist with your marriage K3/CR1/IR1 spousal visa, bi-lingual court certified translator, lawyer.

The International law office of Attorney Dr. Jorge Diaz Cardenas has over 30 years experience as a lawyer providing legal services for Colombia and the International community.

How Does a U.S. Citizen Marry in Colombia?

This information is a guide to help U.S. citizens understand about getting married in Colombia. It does not discuss how to obtain a K3/CR1/IR1 visa for your spouse or fiance to travel to the United States as it is a lengthy subject and process. For visa information, please contact Attorney Dr. Diaz with any questions you may have.

Marriage in Colombia is performed by authorities in Colombia and according to Colombia’s own laws. The U.S. Embassy and its officials cannot host or perform marriages. In Colombia, marriage can be a complicated, document-intensive process for U.S. citizens, and the proper advise and careful advance planning is essential. Colombian procedures for marriage have been established with Colombian citizens in mind, and as a result U.S. citizens sometimes have difficulty meeting all requirements. Colombian lawyer Dr. Diaz can help you in all areas necessary with your marriage in Colombia and obtaining the foreign spouse’s immigrant visa.

Because Colombian marriage laws leave room for interpretation, marriage requirements sometimes vary from notary to notary. We use notaries familiar with the requirements and interpretations of marrying a foreigner, you will be given the correct information necessary the first time.

In all cases, the notary will likely require certified copies of both spouses’ birth certificates. For birth certificates issued in the United States, you will need to obtain a Spanish-language translation of the document, as well as an apostille. The office of Colombia Attorney Dr. Diaz has on staff a court certified translator.

Both spouses will also be asked to present proof that they are eligible to marry, in other words, that they are not currently married. For a Colombian citizen, this is a relatively simple matter of requesting a copy of his or her civil registration, a document issued by the Colombian National Registry that indicates marital status. No such document exists in many jurisdictions in the United States, however, and most U.S. citizens will therefore have to discuss with the Dr. Diaz what substitutes will be acceptable. Some notaries may allow you to present signed, notarized letters from friends or family, swearing that you are unmarried. If prepared in the United States, these notarized letters would have to be accompanied by a Spanish-language translation and an apostille. Colombian lawyer Dr. Diaz will assist you with information for all of this.

Religious weddings in Colombia are handled by individual religious officials and involve similar documentary procedures, along with additional religious requirements. After a religious wedding, the marriage must be registered at a notary’s office. For further details about religious weddings in Colombia, you or your fiancé should contact the religious organization that will perform the ceremony.

Once you are married, there is no legal requirement that you notify the Embassy of your marriage, or that you otherwise register the marriage with the U.S. government, except in the course of requesting a foreign spouse’s immigrant visa.

How Long Does it Take to Process a K3/CR1/IR1 Marriage visa?

If anyone tells you that they can process your fiance visa in as little as a few weeks or in 1-3 months, they are not being honest. Here is the USCIS official webpage that will explain how long it is now taking to process your fiance visa: [Fiance Visa Processing Times]

Having the visa done incorrectly with errors or missing documents can greatly increase the processing time.

Attorney Dr. Diaz has over 30 yrs. International law experience in all phases of the law, he is experienced with working with the U.S. Embassy and can assist in processing your visa without error, he is a court certified bi-lingual translator and can work with you and your fiance so everyone is on the same page.

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